Ollie O'Driscoll

Ollie O'Driscoll

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Agricultural Professional Services specialist

​Ollie has worked in recruitment for over 6 years. He is passionate about helping candidates secure their ideal role and his inquisitive nature helps ensure he gains as much key information from candidates as possible. Ollie loves learning about processes and how things work and shows a real interest in his clients, client's businesses and the roles he is working on, to really develop strong and informed working relationships.

He enjoys a challenge and will go out of his way to ensure that he is meeting his clients and candidates needs and expectations. Ollie specialises in the recruitment of Agricultural Professional Services and is continually expanding his knowledge and understanding of such an interesting industry.

Ollie is a fantastic mentor and experienced team member who enjoys supporting the onboarding of new staff within the Agri FJ team.

Ollie is a lover of all animals and lives with his partner and Trevor the dog. He enjoys spending time with friends and family and loves travelling and should probably own shares in Ticketmaster with the amount of gigs he goes to.

If he’s not travelling, out with friends or family, or at a gig/concert, he’s probably having a quiet night in with his PS5.

Hobbies and interests


Spending time outdoors


Dog time with Trevor


Holidays abroad