Sarah Lloyd-Tempest

Sarah Lloyd-Tempest

Marketing and Events Executive

​A proactive, self-motivated, and enthusiastic individual, Sarah has a passion for marketing and strives to achieve her goals! With over four years experience working within the veterinary industry, Sarah has worked within animal rehabilitation and hydrotherapy as well as growing up around horses and working as a stable hand.

Sarah is an animal-lover through and through, and is a proud owner of two gorgeous cats: a 2-year-old Toyger called Orion, and a kitten called Ophelia who she hand-raised from 3 weeks old!

When she isn't entertaining her small zoo, Sarah likes to pick up a pencil and sketch pad and draw. She also enjoys listening to records (Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, and ABBA are particular favourites) and is never to be found without a pair of headphones! Yoga, meditation, and crystal healing are also some of Sarah's pastimes, and she's always on the hunt for more salt-lamps to add to her growing collection!

Hobbies and interests


Spending time with my cats

animal watercolour

Painting and Drawing

farm animals

Walking in the Countryside