AgriFJ launch a new service to support employers

01 April 2020


AgriFJ launch a new service to support employers

​AgriFJ have launched a new service to help employers attract the right candidates to their job adverts. We are frequently asked for help from our clients who struggle to write a good Job Advert Description. They are often unsure of what wording to use and what skills and experience they should ask for. They struggle with how to sell the role and organisation to attract the best candidates, so that they only get applications from suitable candidates. It’s all about the wording!

For a very cost-effective £99, plus VAT, clients can now purchase a Sector Specific Job Advert Template, tailored to support agricultural and farming recruitment and associated sectors such as Horticulture, Fresh Produce, Machinery, Finance, Chemicals, Fertilisers and Rural Businesses.

The package includes:

  • 1 Sector Specific Job Advert Template ‘How to write a great Job Advert Description’

  • The template includes advice on how to write a great Job Advert Description in order to secure the ideal candidate for your job

  • The template will help you attract candidates with the right key skills, experience and personal qualities that your business needs

  • The template will encourage you to sell the role and your business to the candidate

  • The template includes a variety of examples that relate to this niche industry

For further information, please call 01527 878550 or visit our ‘Advertising Job Board’ information on our website

The template is designed so that you can use it again and again. Take the pain of writing a Job Advert away, by taking advantage of decades of specialist recruitment knowledge. Call us now!

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