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Put your best foot forward

We want to make sure you secure your ideal job!

We work alongside many of the specialist Agricultural and Farming Colleges and Agricultural Universities and we are always on the lookout for up and coming industry talent.
Please contact our recruitment team to help advise you of suitable roles in the industry that match your
passion, qualifications and experience.

We will offer as much information and support as possible to help you.
From how to update your CV, through to making the best impression in your interview, offering on going feedback,
negotiation support to advice on handing in your notice, we will support you.

Please contact our recruitment team to discuss how we can help, from top interview tips to utilising our CV Writing Service. 

How to nail that interview!

Whether you’re attending an interview in-person or virtually, it’s crucial you make the right impression. 

Be punctual. Whether you’re attending a face to face interview or an interview via video, please do ensure that you arrive (either in person or are prepared in front of your video camera) at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time.
If you are attending a face to face interview, plan your route and take any traffic or weather conditions into account.
If it’s a virtual video interview, make sure you have tested your technology beforehand to ensure you have a good strong internet connection, also that you have an appropriate background and finally make sure you are connected a few minutes beforehand and ready to impress.

Say cheese! It sounds very cliché but don’t forget to smile. Employers want happy, enthusiastic and positive people on their team. 

Dress to impress. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Always dress smartly and make sure you’re well-groomed. 

Eye contact. When it comes to building rapport with the interviewer, eye contact is crucial.
It’s a simple sign of respect that you’re paying attention and are interested in the conversation. It's also a great sign of your confidence.
This goes for virtual chats too! 

Don’t be negative. Avoid talking about previous employers in a negative light, even if you had a terrible time there.
You’ll probably be asked why you left your last role so practice your positive spin in this response. 

Above all, preparation and passion are key to many successful interviews.

Good luck! 
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If you have a question or would like some advice, please contact our recruitment experts today on 01527 878 550.