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Marketing Mentoring for Professional Development

17 June 2022

By Angel Bains

Marketing Mentoring for Professional Development

​Agricultural and Farming Jobs are proud to announce that we have successfully invested into a marketing recruitment expert known as Neil Rudolph from RedKnows. The investment we have made involves Neil working with Angel Bains our Marketing and Events Executive to help her to develop her knowledge and skills to ultimately help with the development and growth of the business.

Angel and Neil started their sessions in May, and it has already proven to be a great success! Angel has been developing her knowledge in relation to all things marketing such as new campaigns, SEO, ROI in marketing, new goal conversions, new types of content, Google Analytics, and so much more. The sessions Angel has had so far have enabled her to implement into the business what she has learned. Angel has enjoyed being able to discuss her new knowledge with the team at Agri FJ, enabling them to gain further knowledge and understanding of how Angel’s sessions are positively impacting the business. Angel has enjoyed all the sessions that she has completed so far with Neil, and she is looking forward to further developing her skill set and knowledge as the weeks go on.

Neil has not only been mentoring Angel, but he conducted a training session for the whole of the Agri FJ team on Wednesday 15th June 2022, in which the topic was LinkedIn and tips on optimising our profiles. Neil really engaged with the team, and everyone enjoyed getting involved in the team training session to help with their development. The session enabled the team to communicate with each other to discuss their thoughts on LinkedIn and how we use it and new ways we can use the platform in.

The team all gained a lot of new ideas from Neil’s training session and have already begun to start implementing some of the knowledge they have learnt into their profiles. The session also enabled the team to gather thoughts and ideas for the coming weeks and months, which they are all looking forward to implementing.

We are proud to say that the investment that we have made into a marketing mentor has proven to be a great success so far. Angel is excited for all her upcoming sessions with Neil to enable her to develop herself within her job role. The team at Agricultural and Farming Jobs are also keen to learn from what Angel is doing within her sessions.

Agri FJ want to say a huge thank you to Neil for the great sessions he has conducted so far and for allowing us all to gain new knowledge. We are all looking forward to learning so much more from you.

If you have any further ideas in the type of additional content that you would like to see Agricultural and Farming Jobs sharing within the industry please don’t hesitate to contact for a chat.

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