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Helen Lockley

Helen Lockley

Office Manager and PA to the MD

​Process and organisation are where Helen excels. Helen loves to keep everything in order and strives to create and manage processes.

​Helen's working life has been focused on customer service, sales and work process management. Helen quickly builds strong working relationships based upon her friendly personality and mutual respect. If you bond with Helen you'll have a strong and dependable friend for life.

​Always ready to bring a smile to the office, Helen will gladly be the first one to wear a Christmas outfit, share a joke, or sing a song to lift the spirits. Life's too short not to have fun!

​Helen met her husband, Ian, in 1996 (a long time ago!) and they married in June 2003. Just under two years later their son, Jack, arrived and he has been surrounded by family love and joy ever since.

​Helen is equally happy spending time with friends and family as she is with watching her favourite football team, (Liverpool! Come on you reds!), on the TV. A big fan of Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and any film starring Matt Damon (I know!), Helen loves to accompany her films with a tall gin and tonic on the rocks.

Hobbies and interests

Painting of Dog

Loves to paint.

Family Adventure

Having family time.

Feeding Animals

Enjoy's going on holiday.