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Horticulture is different from Agriculture in that it normally deals with smaller scale gardening, usually in enclosed or covered spaces, as opposed to larger scale extensive crop production. There are 3 separate areas of Horticulture that include;

  • Pomology – The planting, harvesting, processing, storing and marketing of fruit and nut crops.

  • Olericulture – The same as Pomology, but for vegetable crops.

  • And Ornamental Horticulture.

The Agricultural & Farming Jobs team possess many years of experience of recruiting Horticultural candidates to help grow and maintain plants for a broad range of purposes.

There are lots of job opportunities available within Horticulture including;

  • Horticultural Plant Breeding Jobs

  • Horticultural Growing Jobs, including; Grower Manager Jobs, Walled Gardener Jobs

  • Horticultural Genetic Engineering Jobs

  • Horticultural Research and Development Jobs

  • Horticultural Food Science Jobs

  • Horticultural Floral Design Jobs

  • Pest control Jobs

  • Horticultural Marketing Jobs

  • Garden Centre Jobs, including; Garden Centre Managers, Growers, Horticultural Garden Centre Managers

  • Horticultural Venues and Sporting Venues Jobs, including; Turf Manager Jobs, Ground keeping Jobs, Green keeper Jobs, Gardener Jobs, Grounds Maintenance Jobs

  • Horticultural Estate Manager Jobs

  • Greenhouse Jobs and Glasshouse Manager Jobs

  • Horticultural Propagation Jobs

  • Horticultural Buyer Jobs and Horticultural Trader Jobs

  • Horticultural Senior Management Jobs

  • Horticultural Sales Jobs

  • Horticultural Engineer Jobs and Horticultural Maintenance Jobs

  • Horticultural Landscaper, including; Hard and Soft Landscaper Jobs

  • Horticultural Operator Jobs

  • Horticultural Purchasing Jobs

  • Horticultural Supply Chain Manager

If you are looking to recruit specialist candidates within the Horticultural sector, please contact our office and one of our dedicated consultants will be happy to help you; 01527 878550.