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Caitlin Nazir

Caitlin Nazir

Advertising Sales Consultant

​I grew up in Cirencester in the Cotswolds - the home of the Royal Agricultural University. I have always had a keen interest in farming and a love for animals. My home town furthers these enthusiasms for me due to having a lot of influence from the culture of the area.

I completed an internship at Cirencester polo club in the summer after sixth form which helped me to grow my admin and organisational skills - as well as being thoroughly enjoyable. I then came to Birmingham for University and fell in love with the city. Birmingham has so much to offer and the people are so lovely, I think it’s such a nice place to live.

I have had previous sales experience and thrive on the challenge of sales. My roles involved successfully completing inbound and outbound calls, providing product knowledge, drawing up quotations and providing follow up calls to customers. The desire to keep progressing against my own targets and to strive to the best of my ability motivated me greatly within these roles. I have always found it very important to make sure that I do the best for the customer and that I am clear and transparent, always giving them the best level of service.

I am enjoying being part of the Agricultural and Farming Jobs team and using my existing knowledge of the industry to flourish in my job role. I am enjoying learning new skills within the business and using my previous work experience to help me succeed in my career.

My hobbies outside of work include hiking, pottery, photography and travelling. I am aiming towards a holiday in Norway, Fjord and Blue Ice walking with a hope to see the northern lights. I also really enjoy travelling to visit family in Newcastle - I was born there and really love the city. I have a Siberian cat back at home called Nova whom I am keen to bring back to live with me in Birmingham.

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Caitlin and her cat Nova

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